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Acquisitions & Processing


  • Legal Deposit and Purchase
  • Domestic materials are legally deposited in accordance with the Article 7 (Material Provision and Legal
    Deposits) of the National Assembly Library Act, foreign materials are collected as per the policies of foreign
    The library also focuses on collecting Korea-related materials located abroad. It collects various electronic
    media such as Web DB, CD-ROM, MF, DVD, and audios.

  • Donations and Exchanges
  • The NAL develops its collections through donation from domestic public institutes and universities, and
    exchanging important information with foreign libraries in government, parliament, and public sectors. As
    a legal depository library of international organization, the Library currently receives materials from ten
    institutions including the UN and the EU.


  • Classification
  • All materials are classified according to「Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) 22nd Ed.」However, some of
    its subdivisions relating to Korea and other Asian relations are classified according to「Orient Related Detail
    Classification (2005 Ed.)」complied by the NAL. As for author tables, Asian books are assigned according
    to the「Yi Chun Hee East Asian Author Table」, while Western books use the「Cutter-Sanborn Three Figure Author Table」.

  • Cataloging
  • As for cataloging,「Korean Machine Readable Cataloging (KORMARC)」with a supplement of Korean
    Cataloging Rules (KCR) 4th Ed.」is applied for Korean and Asian books, whereas MARC21 with OCLC
    (Online Computer Library Center) catalog data is used for Western books.

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