Overseas Research Information Network

  • The network promotes the sharing of knowledge and information resources with Korean cultural centers and Korean studies-related libraries in foreign countries, supports overseas Korean and Korean studies researchers, and strengthens mutual cooperation with the libraries.
  • Details of Cooperation : Provision of the National Assembly Digital Library’s fulltext databases.
  • Statistics on Agreements Concluded with Overseas Libraries : As of February 2020, the Library has concluded agreements with 62 institutions in diverse foreign countries including the US Library of Congress, the Berlin State Library, and the Cambodian Senate Library.
  • Request
    Send an official request to the NAL. (The library description form is attached hereto.)

  • Consultation
    Discuss related matters such as document signing method and date.

  • Conclusion of agreement
    Sign the agreement and exchange.

  • Follow-up

    • Issuance of IDs and passwords.
    • Introduction of program installation.

Feasible institutions

  • Foreign university libraries (East Asian libraries, Korean studies libraries)
  • Overseas Korean cultural centers, Korea-related research institutes
  • Other foreign libraries (parliamentary libraries, public libraries)

See the list of agreement concluded institutions

foreign libraries

How to access the National Assembly Digital Library (NADL)

  • For the access, install the NADL program on the designated PCs
    (Window98/ME/XP/2000/Vista/7~8) and enter the ID and password granted.

Without the conclusion of agreement, 100 million volumes of connected information can be accessed at the National Assembly Digital Library (www.dl.nanet.go.kr)

Details of the connected Information

This table is a Details of the connected Information table and consists of Institution, Contents.
Institution Contents
National Assembly Library Copyrighted public records, theses, articles, etc.
KERIS Domestic and international treatises, etc.
KISTI Bibliographies of journals and proceedings, etc.
National Library of Korea Domestic and international books, old books, etc.
National Research Foundation of Korea Domestic and international books, old books, etc.

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