Reading Rooms

Circulation Desk

For borrowing and returning theses and books (published more than 2 years ago) in the Library stack.

Inquiries 02-6788-4181

Assistance with information search for the public and provision of a reading service for the physically challenged

Inquiries 02-6788-4230

Operation of the stacks in the Main Hall

Services for the Physically Challenged and the Blind

Exclusive seats

Spaces equipped with various reading aids designed for the physically challenged or disabled are available.

Integrated service for the physically challenged

Loan/return of materials on the first floor for convenient use by visitors with physical difficulties.

Inquiries 02-6788-4230

Children’s Reading RoomRoom 105

Designed for the convenience of users who bring children to the Library, the Children’s Room has a variety of materials including books of fairy tale, biographies, magazines and newspapers for children aged 5-13.

Inquiries 02-6788-4233

The National Strategic Information CenterRoom 107

The National strategic Information Center is a subject reading room to support the establishment of national future strategies and public policy studies. The center promotes public awareness of national strategies, global issues, and future studies.

The center holds the latest domestic and foreign materials related to national strategies and future issues. It also provides study carrels for researchers and a seminar space to support research activities.

Visitors are welcome to explore and use related materials and new arrivals on the topic. The newly-renovated facilities including free access to the internet are available.

Inquiries 02-6788-4135

Bigdata Research CenterRoom 107

The Big Data Research Center provides data and data analysis environments from Statistics Korea's Statistical Data Center (SDC) and Research Data Center (RDC), Seoul Big Data Campus, and the National Assembly Library’s Data Library.

  • SDC and RDC

    49 items of RDC microdata and 51 items of SDCs established and purchased by Statistics Korea (16 administrative data and 35 private data).

  • Application required in advance

  • Big Data Campus

    107 items of core data and 211 items of auxiliary data built and purchased by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

  • Application required in advance

  • Data Library (Trial)

    National Assembly Minutes Big data, national academic information convergence data, and intelligent parliamentary information analysis data under construction at the National Assembly Library.

  • Available on PCs located at the Big Data Research Center; no application required

  • There are PCs loaded with software that you can use for statistical analysis, and professional books on data analysis.

Inquiries02-6788-4416, 4392

Legal Information CenterRoom 206


Law books : Law books and legal subject references published within the last two years.

Legal materials : Statutes, judicial reports, and treaty collections of South Korea and other countries.

Parliamentary materials : Local and foreign parliamentary minutes and materials, materials requested for government inspection, and budget and accounting reports.

Legal information search aids

Legal information databases constructed by the Library, such as the Foreign Law Translation DB as well as the Web-DB, which includes Lawnb and Westlaw

New arrivals

Newly arrived law books, pending legal issues, and foreign journals are housed here for quick and easy reference.

Inquiries 02-6788-4132, 4242

Social Science RoomRoom 208

Newly published books

Housing social science books included in business administration published within the last two years (law books are excluded).

Special sections arranged by theme and best sellers.

Equipped with ordinary reading tables, laptop tables, and LAN.

Korean and overseas newspapers

307 titles including local and international newspapers.

An online newspaper database containing Chosun and Donga Archives, KINDS, and discontinued newspapers is available.

Theme section

Displays of newly published books and materials related to subjects and people emerging as the focus of attention in the field of legislation.

Inquiries 02-6788-4130, 4140

Humanities and Natural Science RoomRoom 314

Newly published books

Books in the humanities and natural science published within the last two years.

Bestsellers, prize-winning domestic and foreign books, translated Korean literature, travel books, and new books.

Special Exhibition Section

Exhibits selections on topics or characters that have made the headlines among humanities and natural sciences books.

Inquiries 02-6788-4165, 4183

Digital Information Center

Web DB : 244 databases including local and international academic DBs, parliamentary and legislative DBs, and newspaper DBs.

E-books : 34,400 titles

Multimedia resources : Current affairs reporting, documentaries, DVDs and audio materials

Reference materials : Yearbooks, statistics, manuals, and dictionaries

Staff Station : Staff help legislative assistants with information search

Inquiries 02-6788-4126, 4362

Dokdo and Unification Resources Room

Dokdo Resources : Domestic and foreign books, maps related to Dokdo, and international laws related to territorial issues

Unification resources : Unification-related materials, books and periodicals published in North Korea, and other special materials

Inquiries 02-6788-4440, 4236

National Assembly Members' Reading RoomRoom 517

Provides reader services and information search services to members of the National Assembly and legislative assistants.

Provides National Assembly members’ publications, policy materials, new arrivals, and current periodicals.

Periodicals RoomRoom 524

Publications of government agencies, universities and other academic associations published after the year 2019.

Periodicals published in 2018 or earlier are housed at the Uijeonggwan (Annex Building) stack and are available by online request.

Microform resources

A wide range of both microform and microfiche materials including old books, oxidized books, US congressional documents, and local and international newspapers, etc.

International organization materials

Publications of the UN and its agencies

Inquiries 02-6788-4169, 4208, 4240

National Assembly Members’ Reading RoomRoom 205

Provision of a direct reader service to National Assembly members and legislative assistants.

Database search service related to legislative activities.

New arrivals, National Assembly members’ publications, newspapers, periodicals and the Library’s publications are kept here.

To support the parliamentary activities of Members, their requested books are delivered from the Library’s main building to the National Assembly Members’ Reading Room located on the National Assembly Members’ Office Building.

Inquiries 02-6788-4194, 4378
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