Chief Librarian

  • Planning and

    • Planning Division
    • General Affairs Division
  • Parliamentary Information Office

    • Political and Administrative Information Division
    • Economic and Social Information Division
    • Foreign Information Division
    • Public Policy Information Division
  • Law Library

    • Law Library Coordination Division
    • Legal Translation Management Division
    • Foreign Law Information Division
    • Domestic Law Information Division
  • Information Management Bureau

    • Digital Information Policy Division
    • Data Analysis Division
    • Digital Library DB Division
    • Information Technology Development Division
  • Information Services Bureau

    • Acquisitions Division
    • Processing Division
    • Library Services Division
  • National Assembly Archives

    • Archives and Records Policy Division
    • Archives and Records Management Division
  • National Assembly Busan Library

    • Planning and Management Division
    • Information Management Division
    • Information Services Division
Total number of staff members: 362
(As of Jan. 2021)
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