The Library’s collections are mainly made up of resources in the humanities and social sciences as well as parliamentary materials and government publications of foreign nations. As a legal depository library, we have materials and publications from many international organizations including the UN and the EU.

This table is a statistics collections table and consists of Material, Volumes, Remark(Language, Discipline).
Material Volumes Remark
Language Discipline
Books Monographs 3,030,602

Korean(76%) 4,007,553

English(14%) 738,583

Japanese(6%) 314,161

Others(4%) 238,022

Social sciences(47%) 2,493,902

Humanities(28%) 1,475,686

Pure and applied
sciences(25%) 1,328,731

Theses 1,888,615
Bound periodicals 379,102
Subtotal 5,298,319
Non-books Digital materials 57,112
Audio & Video 97,169
Microforms 344,766
Maps & Others 9,732
Art works 412
Seminar materials 70,899
Subtotal 580,090
Digital collections (monographs & theses) 1,810,460
Total 7,688,869
Periodicals 27,571

Domestic 20,488

Foreign 7,083

Newspapers 1,029

Domestic 893

Foreign 136

Database : Catalogs

Materials Details Volumes
Books General books Domestic and foreign books
Old and rare books
Seminar materials
Overseas Korea-related materials
Theses National masters' and doctoral theses since 1945
Academic journals Domestic Periodicals index from 1910
Serials Academic journals and magazines Domestic and foreign serials
Internet resources Policy data posted on the Internet websites of government and public institutions
Foreign law translation DB Original and translated texts of foreign law
Non-books Digital/audio/video/microform materials, maps and others

Database : Full-texts

This table is a statistics databases table and consists of Material, Volumes, Pages
Material Volumes Pages
Books General books
Old and rare books
Seminar materials
Web materials
Periodicals and articles Domestic articles
Volume numbers
Multimedia materials Video
Maps & Others
National Asembly materials Foreign Law Transaltion DB
National Assembly minutes
Specialized materials Tables and graphs DB
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